GEM Fuel and the DRIVE DMACK Fiesta Trophy in 2015…What’s Next?

The 2015 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy marks the beginning of some exiting developments in the renewed partnership between GUTTS and M-Sport run Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy. Supported by a strong partnership of AbengoaePureOCI, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, a new research project will be launched and policymakers across Europe will be engaged to learn how sustainability, innovation and rallying to provide them with an insight into road applications.

Raving reviews

With the season underway with the second event WRC Poland, it was time to ask some DDFT drivers what they think about GEM Fuel in their cars. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Tom Cave: “Really really good, I’d say a 20% increase in power!”
  • Nil Solans: “this fuel is amazing!”
  • Gus Greensmith: “performance increase is massive, really smooth power!”
  • Kevin van Deijne: “it’s a win-win for motorsport. More power and better for the environment”

Safe to say the drivers enjoy the performance of the fuel and were very much flying across the Polish stages. It is not only about the power though, GEM Fuel has some unique characteristics that make this fuel not only powerful, but also very sustainable. Here’s what

Malcom Wilson, OBE, M-Sport managing director: “We have worked closely with the team at GUTTS, refining and developing the engine mapping to the characteristics of the fuel and the results are very positive.  At M-Sport we have been working to develop bio-fuels in international rallying since 2007 and this project with GEM Fuel is the most exciting iteration to date, combining some really innovative developments with strong partners support to create a credible opportunity to develop sustainable fuels in motorsport.”

Rally to Research

In joint corporation with the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre in Bath University in the UK, M-Sport and GUTTS will execute a research project to compare ´old´ and ´new´. The start of the 2015 season sees the introduction of the newly developed Ford Fiesta R2, sporting an all-new EcoBoost 1.0 litre, three-cylinder engine. This truly remarkable turbo charged engine literally redefines the rulebook as does GEM Fuel.  The new combination triggered the question…what effect does this smart engine/fuel combination have on technical and sustainable performance? Before the end of the season the results will be ready and provide a benchmark future developments.


Both ePure and the Methanol Institute as the respective trade organisations for ethanol and methanol industry will be visiting the events on the 2015 calendar and invite along relevant stakeholders to come and learn about GEM Fuel, meet the drivers, teams, technicians and most of all enjoy the show! The 2015 season of the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is an open invitation to all that are interested to learn how sustainability, innovation and rallying work together.

Edward Goossens, founder and CEO of GUTTS, said: “After two years of running GEM Fuel in the DDFT and working with M-Sport, the next step is here. The remarkable 1.0 EcoBoost engine powered by GEM Fuel redefines the rulebook and create a vision for the future.”

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said: “DMACK is known for its innovation throughout motorsport and the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is helping to showcase some of the world’s most talented young rally drivers. The partnership with GEM Fuel is equally exciting and we’re proud that our series is championing sustainability as one of the greenest initiatives within WRC.”

But above all the battle for the title will thrilling and exciting with so many young drivers giving their on the stages. All involved look forward to 2015!

Technische update: Carless Turbo Ultimate 2014


De technische reglementen voor het Belgian Rally Championship 2015, te raadplegen op (rubriek Sport, Rally, Reglementen), bevatten geen verrassingen.

Wat de moderne klassen betreft, blijven dezelfde klassen en wagentypes toegelaten in het BRC 2015. In Groep M zijn de schalen van het minimumgewicht aangepast en voor wagens van de Groepen WRC, S2000, R5 en R4 is het gebruik van FIA-gehomologeerde banden (banden conform Bijlage V van het sportreglement 2014 voor regionale rally’s van de FIA) verplicht vanaf de Rally van Wallonië (meer bepaald vanaf 15/04/2015).

Zoals eerder al aangekondigd, zal GUTTS vanaf dit seizoen de exclusieve leverancier zijn van speciale competitiebenzine, zoals bepaald in het sportreglement van het BRC 2015. Op vraag van de meeste deelnemers, werd beslist een derde competitiebrandstof toe te voegen aan de lijst brandstoffen die exclusief geleverd zal worden door Gutts in het BRC 2015: Carless Turbo Ultimate versie 2014.


Pouvant être consultés sur le site (rubrique Sport, Rallye, Règlements), les règlements techniques du Belgian Rally Championship 2015 ne comportent pas de grandes surprises.

Au niveau des catégories modernes, les mêmes classes et types de voitures sont acceptées dans le cadre du BRC 2015. En Groupe M, les échelles des poids minimums ont été adaptées. Pour les voitures des groupes WRC, S2000, R5 et R4, l’utilisation de pneus homologués FIA (conformes à l’Annexe V du règlement sportif 2014 des rallyes régionaux de la FIA) sera obligatoire dès le Rallye de Wallonie (plus précisément à partir du 15/04/2015).

Comme annoncé précédemment, Gutts sera dès cette saison le fournisseur exclusif du carburant spécial de compétition, comme le précise le règlement sportif du BRC 2015. À la demande d’une majorité de concurrents, il a été décidé d’ajouter un troisième carburant de compétition à la liste des carburants qui seront proposés en exclusivité par Gutts pour le BRC 2015: la Carless Turbo Ultimate version 2014.

Cool win, Cool fuel! Amberg wins Rally of Finland

Rally of Finland is the most spectacular and demanding rally on the Junior WRC calendar. Endless crests and high speed corners on compact gravel separate the men from the boys in Finlands beautiful green scenery and all of it runs on beautiful green GEM Fuel! Finlands Andreas Amberg and Mikko Lukka achieved an important and emotional victory on their home turf and earned themselves valuable points for the win in Junior WRC. Sander Pärn (EST) and Pontus Tidemand (SWE) completed the podium in second and third place respectively.

During Fridays first nine stages Amberg moved into a commanding lead. He skilfully completed the remaining four stages on Saturday and finished with a close to two and a half minute lead over his competitors – all driving identically GEM-fuelled Ford Fiesta R2 cars.

Pärn also performed steadily on the final day to ensure second place, ahead of championship leader Tidemand. The championship standings in mind, Tidemand focused on picking up vital points and sealed a clean sweep of fastest times on Saturday’s stages, earning him four key Junior WRC Stage Points and closing the gap with Pärn to under half a minute.

As it stands now, Tidemand has extended his points advantage at the top of the Junior WRC standings over Suárez with rounds in Germany, France and Spain to come. Suárez will be looking to burn this lead once they hit the tarmac before closing the season on the Spanish home stages. Standings in the Junior WRC can be found here.

GEM Fuel proved its worth once again. The drivers continue to be very satisfied with its performance and the green GEM fuel was also getting the thumbs up from the rally fans and the organisers of the Finnish Rally/event. Edward Goossens, fuel supplier GUTTS; “When we set out on this unique project, the scenes we saw this weekend is what we envisioned: demanding gravel stages in beautiful green surroundings, enjoyed by the best young drivers in Rallying – fuelled by the best possible sustainable fuel in rallying: GEM fuel! The Rally of Finland was awesome”!

Special thanks to the GEM Fuel JWRC Partners: Abengoa, BioMCN, Eurol, Methanex and the Methanol Institute for their continuing support for this unique project.

Pictures by RSSP, please visit: JWRC Finland

GEM Fuel launch for FIA Junior WRC at Acropolis Rally Greece

The Acropolis Rally of Greece saw the debut of GEM Fuel as the official fuel for the FIA 2013 Junior WRC. On Friday 31st of May the 10 driver making up the championship had their first taste of GEM Fuel in the pre-rally shake down and the subsequent 3 days of rallying on the toughest stages of the world. GEM Fuel proved to be as tough as the stages, providing reliable and sustainable power in dusty Greece.

Before the rally got underway the Junior WRC organised a briefing session for press and other interested parties, publically introducing GEM Fuel to the world. The short version can be seen here: After all the formalities it was time to see how GEM Fuel would perform on the touch Greek stages.

This year’s Acropolis Rally threw some 300 kilometers of dusty and rocky stages at the competitors. The first day immediately saw big drama with competitors suffering punctures and suspension damage, Jose Suarez of Spain proved to be the smartest and led the rally after the first day. In the following days his pace proved to be unbeatable, despite Pontis Tidemand of Sweden winning every stage, and Jose Suarez won the second round of the FIA Junior WRC at the Acropolis Rally in Greece.

His Ford Fiesta R2 finished 1min 04.2sec ahead of Pontus Tidemand. “I didn’t used to find it so easy competing on gravel, but my results this weekend really show the improvement I’ve made since I started competing in the WRC Academy in 2011,” said Suarez.

Tidemand was relieved to keep his series lead. “It wasn’t easy getting a puncture so early in the rally, immediately putting us at a disadvantage. But we found a good rhythm and pace, climbed to second and were really happy to hold our lead in the championship,” he said. To see how all others Junior WRC Drivers faired in Greece, read the full report here

GUTTS and it’s partners Abengoa, BioMCN, Eurol, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, look back on a very successful launch of GEM Fuel in Greece. Edward Goossens: “We couldn’t have picked a tougher event for the debut, the Greek stages are very touch, long and hot, but the fuel proved to be a real GEM! All drivers were very happy with the efficient performance of the fuel. We will now continue to work on setting up the data analysis and research and telling the world about this amazing fuel”.

GEM Fuel is a ternary blend fuel containing 37% regular gasoline, 21% bio-ethanol and 42% bio-methanol, has a largely increased biomass limit and reduces CO2 emissions by over 70% compared to regular petrol. The production and distribution of GEM Fuel is executed by GUTTS in the Netherlands.

Please visit www.gemfuel.comfor more information.

GEM Fuel introduced during ELE Rally

Oldest rally in the Netherlands gets exclusive fuel scoop. The Netherlands, 1st June 2012 – During the 48th edition of the ELE Rally – the oldest rally in the Netherlands – the advanced and sustainable GEM Fuel will be officially introduced in the BioMCN 350Z Challenge class. GEM (Gasoline Ethanol Methanol) is a unique and sustainable fuel which consists of gasoline, bio-ethanol and bio-methanol, which can be mixed in various ratios relative to each other. It has almost identical properties as E85[1] with a significantly lower CO2 footprint than traditional fossil fuels. This is an important next step in sustainable racing and mobility in the Netherlands.

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Pitbox als Collegezaal

Bas Koeten racing is vanaf 2011 actief betrokken bij de bouw en running van een saker sportscar van het IDRT. Het Innovatief Duurzaam Race Team heeft met inzet van een groot aantal studenten en de begeleiding van Bas Koeten Racing de bouw van het laatste model Saker Sportscar op zich genomen en zal de auto debuteren in de Saker Challenge in 2012.  Vanochtend werd het doek van de auto getrokken en binnen enkele maanden zullen de coureurs bekend worden.

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Nieuwe wereld: Truck en Tractorpulling

Een immens populaire en zeer creatieve vorm van autosport is de Tractorpulling. Teams van hardwerkende vrijwilligers bouwen en onderhouden de meest wonderbaarlijke constructies met 4 of vijf geblazen V8 motoren, oude Merlin vliegtuigmotoren en zelfs helicopterturbines.

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KNAF en GUTTS vergroenen rallysport nog verder

In 2009 nam de KNAF/BSR een prachtige stap en stond, op verzoek van Stichting GUTTS, E85 en M85 beperkt toe in de Nederlandse Rallysport voor het seizoen 2010. Als belangrijkste het duurzame resultaat: in totaal reduceerden alle ‘groene’ equipes samen 102.158 kg CO2 met hun deelname op E85 en M85 in Nederlandse Rally’s. Voor 2011 komt de KNAF in samenwerking met Stichting GUTTS met nog meer voordeel voor duurzame teams.

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BioMCN hoofdsponsor 350Z Challenge

Om haar belang als partner en sponsor te benadrukken, heeft BioMCN besloten in 2011 als naamgever voor de populaire Nissan 350Z Challenge op te treden. Eelco Dekker van Bio MCN en Nico Biesheuvel, van Biesheuvel Autosport uit Nieuwendijk – de initiatiefnemer voor de zeer succesvolle 350Z Challenge – hebben een overeenkomst gesloten waarin BioMCN in 2011 naamdrager wordt van de Challenge. De nieuwe naam luidt BioMCN 350Z Challenge.

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