The very first results in sustainable motorsports were achieved in 2007 when GUTTS convinced the governing body in the Netherlands to allow the use of E85 in rallying, opening the way to a wider allowance of renewable fuels. The reason for even attempting this was stubbornness; after 3 years working on sustainable mobility at the World Wild Life Fund, rally driver and GUTTS founder, Edward Goossens just could not see any other way to combine his two passions.

After getting the fuel allowed, GUTTS took a small role in supplying E85 to teams and drivers, developed and delivered a methanol fuel and in 2010 supplied GEM Fuel (a ternary blend of Gasoline Ethanol and Methanol) in the Netherlands. The break through moment came after the approval of the FIA to allow GEM Fuel to be used in the WRC.

Since 2013 GUTTS has produced and sold over 250.000L of Renewable Race Fuel, worked with key industry partners in the OEM, Science and Renewable Fuel Industry, celebrated over 500 stage- or race wins and reduced approximately 300.000kg of CO2.

As a fuel supplier, GUTTS provides excellent service to all of its clients in various race series. In short our mission is:

  • to design, develop and deliver renewable race fuels and be part of motorsports in tomorrow’s world
  • provide both ASN’s, Organizers and teams with a ‘Plug & Play’ answer to the sustainability and safety demands of this time


The Belgian Rally Championship is one of the iconic national series in Europe, if not the world. A calendar of 9 events across the country, with over 100 crews participating in events. For the past 4 years GUTTS has been the sole fuel supplier for the BRC.

Belgian Rally Championship

The governing body of motorsport for Belgium and contract partner for GUTTS. Working together to constantly improve quality and safety of the fuel supply for motorsport in Belgium.


WDM Motorsport is our only choice to provide refuel crews and services. WDM motorsport runs a dedicated rally and automotive performance organization. Providing both technical building, preparation and running of vehicles, but also various rally related services and products.

WDM Mortorsport

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity in fuel analysis.

In all our development work, we work together with SGS for both expert knowledge and sound testing and certification.


We have worked with Vivochem from 2015 and would not change a thing. It is simply the perfect company drumming, warehousing and logistics company for us.
Vivochem has more than 125 years of experience in storing, handling and distributing fuels and chemicals.


RFB is GUTTS agent for Belgium and Luxembourg and is an integral part of the refueling operation. Since 1996, Racing Fuel Belgium is a dedicated supplier of racefuels in various motorsport disciplines.


From 2013 and 2015 GUTTS supplied the series with a unique GEM Fuel; a blend of ethanol, methanol and gasoline resulting in the first ‘green’ world champion Pontus Tidemand.
The FIA Junior World Rally Championship represents a cost-effective route into the WRC for the sport’s rising young stars – with a stunning top prize of a latest-specification R5 car awaiting the winners.
All competitors drive identical 1.0-litre turbocharged Ford Fiesta R2T cars prepared by 2017 drivers’ and manufacturers’ world champion team M-Sport at its Poland workshops.

FIA Junior WRC