The 2015 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy marks the beginning of some exiting developments in the renewed partnership between GUTTS and M-Sport run Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy. Supported by a strong partnership of AbengoaePureOCI, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, a new research project will be launched and policymakers across Europe will be engaged to learn how sustainability, innovation and rallying to provide them with an insight into road applications.

Raving reviews

With the season underway with the second event WRC Poland, it was time to ask some DDFT drivers what they think about GEM Fuel in their cars. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Tom Cave: “Really really good, I’d say a 20% increase in power!”
  • Nil Solans: “this fuel is amazing!”
  • Gus Greensmith: “performance increase is massive, really smooth power!”
  • Kevin van Deijne: “it’s a win-win for motorsport. More power and better for the environment”

Safe to say the drivers enjoy the performance of the fuel and were very much flying across the Polish stages. It is not only about the power though, GEM Fuel has some unique characteristics that make this fuel not only powerful, but also very sustainable. Here’s what

Malcom Wilson, OBE, M-Sport managing director: “We have worked closely with the team at GUTTS, refining and developing the engine mapping to the characteristics of the fuel and the results are very positive.  At M-Sport we have been working to develop bio-fuels in international rallying since 2007 and this project with GEM Fuel is the most exciting iteration to date, combining some really innovative developments with strong partners support to create a credible opportunity to develop sustainable fuels in motorsport.”

Rally to Research

In joint corporation with the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre in Bath University in the UK, M-Sport and GUTTS will execute a research project to compare ´old´ and ´new´. The start of the 2015 season sees the introduction of the newly developed Ford Fiesta R2, sporting an all-new EcoBoost 1.0 litre, three-cylinder engine. This truly remarkable turbo charged engine literally redefines the rulebook as does GEM Fuel.  The new combination triggered the question…what effect does this smart engine/fuel combination have on technical and sustainable performance? Before the end of the season the results will be ready and provide a benchmark future developments.


Both ePure and the Methanol Institute as the respective trade organisations for ethanol and methanol industry will be visiting the events on the 2015 calendar and invite along relevant stakeholders to come and learn about GEM Fuel, meet the drivers, teams, technicians and most of all enjoy the show! The 2015 season of the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is an open invitation to all that are interested to learn how sustainability, innovation and rallying work together.

Edward Goossens, founder and CEO of GUTTS, said: “After two years of running GEM Fuel in the DDFT and working with M-Sport, the next step is here. The remarkable 1.0 EcoBoost engine powered by GEM Fuel redefines the rulebook and create a vision for the future.”

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said: “DMACK is known for its innovation throughout motorsport and the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is helping to showcase some of the world’s most talented young rally drivers. The partnership with GEM Fuel is equally exciting and we’re proud that our series is championing sustainability as one of the greenest initiatives within WRC.”

But above all the battle for the title will thrilling and exciting with so many young drivers giving their on the stages. All involved look forward to 2015!