After a successful debut in 2013, GUTTS, the world’s first supplier of sustainable race fuels and a strong partnership of Abengoa, ePure, OCI, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, was again chosen by M-Sport and approved by the FIA to supply GEM Fuel for the inaugural Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy. It marks the second year of GEM Fuel in the WRC and boasts a couple of exiting innovations.

After a successful season running M-Sport Fiestas on GEM Fuel in the WRC, 2014 marks an innovation in GEM Fuel and especially the sustainable methanol content. From 2014 onwards GEM Fuel will technically remain identical, but will mark a new and very innovative sustainable methanol called Vulcanol. This renewable methanol is produced by capturing carbon dioxide from industrial emissions and converting this CO2 into liquid Methanol, sporting a 97% CO2 reduction compared to regular petrol. This new type of Methanol will further reduce CO2 emissions in the FIA World Rally Championship.

M-Sport, which supplies Ford Fiesta R2s to the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy, was involved in an evaluation of the fuel back in January 2012, when an extensive dyno test comparing the performance and consumption of three fuels – including GEM Fuel – was performed at its Cumbrian base. This groundwork and the subsequent use in the 2013 season proved the fuel to be a well performing and robust fuel for the intense battles in the Junior WRC. It is with pride and confidence that M-Sport continues this effort for a more sustainable Word Rally Championship.

The unique partnership behind GEM Fuel is a mix of major players in both the methanol and ethanol industry, joining forces to grow awareness and knowledge about the use of sustainable, alcohol based fuels in the automotive world. For the 2014 season GUTTS is proud to announce it is supported by Abengoa, ePure, OCI,Methanex and the Methanol Institute. During the 2014 season of the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy more developments on the fuel, its partners and the possibilities will be communicated.

The production and distribution of GEM Fuel is executed by GUTTS in the Netherlands. GUTTS is the world’s first supplier of sustainable race fuels.

Edward Goossens, founder and CEO of GUTTS, said: “GUTTS is very proud and excited to be part of the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy in 2014. We fully support the affordable entry-level class for young drivers into the WRC that both M-Sport and DMACK provide. Together with our partners Abengoa, ePure, OCI, Methanex and the Methanol Institute, we add to that a vision of sustainability and performance that drives the world rallying and its young future champions forwards.”

Malcolm Wilson OBE, M-Sport managing director, said: “M-Sport has always been keen to support new and innovative technologies that will help our business progress whilst improving the sustainability of the sport. After carrying out a full evaluation of the fuel in 2012, we were keen to see it in action and implemented it for last year’s FIA Junior World Rally Championship. It is with pride that we continue our partnership with GEM Fuel for the 2014 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy.”

Dick Cormack, DMACK managing director, said: “As the proving ground for the next generation of rally stars, the Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy is the perfect platform to also showcase innovative and exciting initiatives within motorsport. We welcome GEM Fuel as an important partner which will help our series boost sustainability within motorsport.”